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Life isn't just about sex, so while your dick is on a break, browse through our magazine. Don't worry, it's not too heavy or academic – Some dating tips from pros who know what they're doing, a little bit of music, maybe some good advice… You know, those things that help you win at life.

Trenton Ducati


Trenton Ducati Quick Facts

Aliases:  -

Date of Birth:  August 10, 1977

Home Town:  Houston, Texas – USA

Cock Size:  8-inches

Height:  6’ 1”

Ethnicity:  White


Trenton Ducati’s Biography:

Born and raised in the southwest, Trenton grew up like every other youngin' - playing sports and getting into trouble.  Unfortunately, trouble seemed to follow Trenton and as he grew he eventually found himself in a very bad place.  He struggled for 15 years with an addition to Meth before finding finally finding success thanks in part to Jimmy Durano.  In October 2011, Trenton Ducati signed his first exclusive contract with Titan Media.  In his breakout role, Incubus - Titan Media, Trenton shares the screen with none other than Jimmy Durano.  The scene is smoldering and the connection the two of them share is obvious in their chemistry.


After Incubus, Trenton Ducati continued to film with Titan Media.  Together they would make some amazing films, including:  Sticking Point, Surveillance, and Hot Wired.  After the conclusion of his contract, though, Trenton went on to shoot with other studios.  His good friend, Christian Owen, helped him continue his venture into the Industry via his connections with Hot House Entertainment and Falcon Studios.  From there the rest is history.  He has continued to work for some of the top studios in the Industry - Lucas Entertainment, Raging Stallion, etc. - as well as a number of highly successful sites - Men.com, Cocksure Men, Dominic Ford, etc.


Amazing sex scenes aren't the only things that Trenton Ducati is contributing to the world though.  His campaign, #KILLMETH, has become a sensation.  Drawing inspiration from one of the darkest parts of his life, Trenton has given hope to thousands of people who were hopeless.  Join the #KILLMETH campaign simply by helping someone who is struggling with addiction.

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